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Making music is fun and we plan to keep it that way. Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, just off music row, Red 3 has everything you need to plan, produce, record, and master your project. 


We’re all rock stars at heart, so laughter and libations are always welcome. Want to keep it more reserved? No problem. This is YOUR masterpiece, so we’ll ride with whatever makes you vibe. With award-winning audio engineers, top-tier amenities, and a badass staff––the only thing we’re missing is you! 

The Outside

Free Parking

Easy Load-in & Load-out

Complimentary sunlight

The Inside


Fully Equipped Music Studio 

Multiple Tracking Rooms

Lava Lamps

Premium Vocal Booth

Tuned Drum Room

Central Keys Station

Central Command Room

45 Channel Mixing Board

(Equipment List Available Upon Request)


Award-winning Technicians

Great Wifi

Expert Staff

Full Pro Tools Suite

Huge Selection of Guitars, Amps
& More


Car Detailing

IV Hydration 

Vocal Lessons


Studio Concierge Service

Late Night & Extended Hours Availability

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